Monday, January 12, 2009

Device of the Century - The Winner is: Apple iPhone

The Apple iPhone is by far the quintessential example of applying technology to enhance your everyday life experience. This single sexy device that slips into your pocket does so much, but here’s a short list to start.

The iPhone:
  • makes crystal clear phone calls
  • uses my vehicle as a hands free kit (via Blue tooth)
  • maintains a single unified contacts list
  • send and receives text messages to my kids
  • accesses the NATIVE Internet via browser
  • plays any music from my iTunes music library
  • plays any movie from my iTunes movie library
  • remote controls playback & volume of music
  • shows me business statistics from my office (native)
  • gives me full time access to all email accounts – for me this means our corporate Exchange server and my Yahoo account without the archaic ‘syncing’ process
  • provides a quick calculator and switches to scientific mode if needed (this may sound insignificant, but watch how many people in your office reach for a calculator, start up windows calc, or excel)
  • shows me interactive gps-driven maps and directions
  • fully integrates into Google maps with streetview
  • tells me what is around me – restaurants, gas, hospitals, movies…
  • tells me the name of the song playing on the radio
  • entertains my children on long trips in the car
  • wakes me up in the morning
  • provides a flashlight at night
  • gives me instant stock information
  • gives me instant weather information
  • lets me read the news anytime I want
  • gives me access to my bank account and lets me check balances, pay bills, etc.
  • reminds me when I have a pending appointment
  • prints a picture that I just took directly to my network printer
  • set a timer for the cake in the oven
  • eliminates carrying my laptop in most instances

Did I mention that it fits in my pocket?

I am not a mac-lover, but Apple continues to prove that their technical integration skills are the best. The iPhone continues to rock my world with cool technology thatactually helps life happen – in the office, on the road, at home and everywhere else.

Dan Ribar

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