Monday, May 11, 2009

Sunday in America

Yesterday started off as a normal Sunday…. Work in the nursery; go to church; talk to the pastor… all normal activities. Somewhere on the ride home our 1-week old car decided to stop running and strand us in the 92 degree cloudless sunshine. Lucky for us, there was a Publix close by so my fiancĂ©e ran over and got us the all American fried chicken and coke picnic lunch while I awaited the tow truck.

So we’re happy to be enjoying a sunny picnic lunch, but wondering about our move to buy a low-end new car…. Then one of the coolest things happened. One by one, people started stopping and asking if they could help. Now picture that we are on the edge of civilization for Sarasota, FL. It’s just dumb luck that they just built a new Publix next to the break-down spot… but one by one these people started stopping. First a dude in a pickup… then another and by the time the tow truck showed up we had had at least six people stop and say “Everything ok?” or “Can I give you a hand?”

OK – I’ve been working hard to push the American handshake transactions, because It’s a return to what is good: one man shaking another man’s hand in trust. But how cool is it that in the midst of America’s seeming demise (by it’s own hand), the real American spirit still comes out: help your fellow man. My preacher would say “Love your neighbor as yourself”.

These people that stopped didn’t have to; they didn’t get paid; they had nothing to gain… but the real American’s stood true and stopped anyway. Wow – what a great Sunday in America!!!

Dan Ribar