Wednesday, October 28, 2009

iPhone App Approval - TheTale of Two Apps

We have two apps approved -- each with it's own path and length of process.

App#1 complexity: high.
Forms: ~20
Technology: web services,XML, geo-coding, graphics manipulation, sound recording to remote SQL, etc..
First submission: July 9
Rejection#1: our server was down and the app was freezing (our problem)
Rejection#2: app was not written to handle airplane mode (our problem)
Rejection#3: we used a 'add contact' button for 'add email' (our problem)
Approval: Oct 20

App#2 complexity: low
Forms: ~1
Technology: geocoding, math calculations, location services
First submission: Oct 14
Approval: Oct 28


So, from my viewpoint, Apple is doing a great job. Complex apps require more processing to approve. Self inflicted pain is not anyone's problem but your own and we don't want them approving junk.

Good job Apple.

Dan Ribar

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