Friday, November 13, 2009

Hidden iPhone App #1 - TRUCKER1 Friends

I'm starting a set of posts regarding small hidden apps that would normally go unnoticed in the big Apple app store.

#1 TRUCKER1 'Friends' feature

TRUCKER1 was released by a truck insurance company called 1st Guard to give it's customers access to their data in Geico-style (actually better then geico in this case). Along with that came some other features like 'friends'.

'Friends' lets you exchange ID/PIN combination's with up to 3 of your friends so you can see each others location on a map. This is cool because (1) It's free; (2) it doesn't require MMS or texting; and (3) it is up to date and very accurate.

There are a lot of other apps that do this that require a lot of setup and they aren't free. Check this one out.

If you install and register TRUCKER1 and then click on the 'tools' menu... and then 'friends'... you'll see the app. It gives you a way to send your ID/PIN via email too. Very cool.

Once you can see your friends, you can touch the pin and see who it is and how far away they are. This works great when you're meeting at an event like a football game, nascar race or the mall.

This one is a hidden home run....

Here is the website:

Dan Ribar

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