Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Over 1000 TRUCKER1 Users!!!

I just saw a new statistic that there are over 1000 people using TRUCKER1 now. Wow!

1st Guard is great at Truck Insurance and it looks like their top-down technology approach is working too.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New TRUCKER1 Version with RoadTweet

1st Guard released version 1.4 of TRUCKER1 today. There are some cool new features. Here are some highlights:

RoadTweet is a new tool that will let you tweet as your driving down the road... hands free!! So you set it to tweet every 5 minutes or so and turn on whether you want speed, altitude and direction to be included and off it goes. Very cool feature and smart to keep the truckers hands on the wheel.

The old funtion they had called HUD (or heads up display) is now working in a more conventional way. this is on the two speedometers and mirrors the display. Idea is that you lay the phone down on your dash with a cradle and you can see the speed in your windshield. This is something that lincolns and some corvettes had over the years.

It is great that a truck insurance company like 1st Guard gives this tool away. I mean the primary purpose is to get coverage and claim tools in their customers hands, but most of these other tools cost $1 on the app store so at FREE it's a great value.

Here's the link to Apple

Monday, April 5, 2010

1gMobile -- TRUCKER1's little brother...

You probably already know that 1st Guard Truck Insurance wrote a killer app for the iphone called TRUCKER1, but the sleepy silent partner to TRUCKER1 often goes unnoticed. 1gMobile is the alternative for anyone that has an Internet-connected mobile phone (or device) and still wants to get to the customer options of TRUCKER1.

1gMobile is accessible from any browser and is designed to accommodate the smaller screen sizes seen on phones like the Blackberry. Here’s what you can do:
- Have a certificate of insurance emailed to you
- Have your last invoice emailed to you
- Start a new claim
- Request a call back from an agent

It’s easy to get to 1gMobile too. Just load up the website and you will see at the top a link that switches you into mobile mode. It isn’t automatic because some people like to view the full site from their phone. Now if you just want to see it from your computer, there is also a link in the footer.

That’s a pretty good feature-set even without something like an iPhone. TRUCKER1 is still the way to go if you can afford it, but if not… try out 1gMobile.

from 1st Guard Corp.
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