Monday, April 11, 2011

God gave you a cloud.....


Just a short story that will make you smile.

My wife Julija and I like to do what we call "The Gladiator Run" on the weekends. Where we live in Florida the sun and humidity usually push runners indoors during the middle of the day. For us it's a chance to push our bodies a bit and get some much needed sunshine.

Yesterday it was pushing 90 with a high humidity and we were out in it. She was on bike and I was running through our piece of wilderness. I was sweating hard... and the sun was pounding. Then just when I thought it was too much a big huge dense cloud covered the sun and she yelled "God just gave you some shade!!!"

How cool that HE is always watching out for us and knows exactly what we need.

Ha - made you smile didn't it....


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