Monday, April 16, 2012

Hybrid - The new way to piss people off...

So.... my most beautiful wife has been training me to be a tree-hugger. I love her and I'm getting used to everything that comes with hugging trees. I never used to recycle, but do it now without fail. We consume mostly organic food (who knew?) and just in the last few weeks I traded in my german sports car for a Lexus CT200H (H=Hybrid).

Before the car was delivered, I spent a lot of time watching the blogs and found out about a driving technique called "pulse and glide". Ultimately, the car will go into full hybrid mode (no engine running) if you're light on the accelerator and going less then 42 miles per hour. So the car is rated at 42 mpg, but just this morning I clocked 68.1 mpg on the last 3 miles to work. Now... this was keeping up with traffic at 40 mph.

Now here comes the rub. I'm now, in true tree-hugger-save-the-planet-use-less-fuel style, going the speed limit. I'm finding that accelerating lightly gets me there (the next light) just as fast as the fast guys. I'm 48 but driving like 68 and getting great mileage. Now, everyone is REALLY pissed because I'm going toooo slow. HA HA HA HA

Oh well, one of the things I've picked up in my desire to get closer to God is that trying to please the planet gets you no-where. So I'll kill-them-with-kindness as my Mom used to teach; keep putting my faith and efforts into my relationship with Jesus; and bolster my tree-hugger-ness every day with the new piss-them-all-off hybrid.


Dan Ribar

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