Thursday, April 17, 2014

It's all about DNS

My favorite-oldest-daughter Jessica was asking me about life before the Internet.  I experienced it with my old buddy from IBM John Kessling in the basement of some data center at the University of Toledo around 1990.  We were looking for a flight simulator that would run on the RS/6000 and he introduced me to the FTP process from another college. Cool.....

After thirty years in the technology world, it was reinforced just yesterday that the Internet really boils down to DNS.  There is a lot of fluffy browser on top, but most problems and solutions start at a layer closer to the bottom.  After years of using the historically solid set of servers,  we found they are getting old and slow too.  Welcome google to the mix with their typically solid and well engineered solution for DNS:

Do a quick search on "google DNS" and you'll find it.  Fast. Well engineered. Solid. Yup. That's what I need. So my office and home both switched and the speed is blazing.  For weeks we'd been looking at LAN, broadband, browsers, versions and about anything else to see where we could get some speed.  DNS man... it's all about DNS. Nothing works without it (at lease unless you know how to ftp between IP addresses :)

Considering it's Maundy Thursday and Easter is a few days away,  it's worth considering the parallel to keeping God in your life.  I personally forget (when I get too self absorbed) that the root of all joy, love, peace and happiness is Jesus.  The more I focus and rely on Him,  the better my life is.  He blesses me WAY beyond anything I deserve. He is my DNS.

Thank you God.


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