Friday, June 20, 2014

Running Transition to Vapor Glove

My oldest favorite son has been suggesting for a while that running barefoot (virtually) has been one of the best moves he's made.  We both experienced ITB problems over time which he says has gone away with his new shoe and running style. Yesterday was my first run with the shoe he recommended: Merrel Vapor Glove [on amazon]

For years,  I've had pretty good luck with the Asics Gel Nimbus line of shoes.  But after one run,  these new shoes are pretty cool.  One thing I'm used to experiencing is a bit of stiffness in my legs the morning after an evening run.  Last night I did a little over 3 miles with no morning stiffness at all.  Interesting.  Tomorrow morning will be a 6 miler.

The biggest change for me is a move to post-ball running instead of the traditional heel-roll run.  Felt kind'of like a little Disney fairy running,  but it also felt faster and less impact.  Hmmmmm.   We shall see how it goes in the future,  but I learned a lot from this video: [video]


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