Tuesday, May 26, 2015

🚤 DaBaDee- Stump Pass State Park

We completed our first big outing yesterday with a trip to Stump Pass. The Yamaha 242 Limited S did a great job on the almost 40 mile round trip down the ICW.

I don't carry a chart plotter so we did some google maps pre-work using satellite to figure out where to go. From Venice and heading south we just went to the second bridge, hung a right and stayed to the right. We verified this all on charts for water depth and ended up meeting a jet skiing couple who knew the water and led us in. We ended up just south of the pavilion where your steps from the beach.

We sterned-in and spend a few hours just floating and exploring. The stern radio controls and sound of the stereo were fantastic and the boat performed perfectly.

We did this with our two year old twins and they seemed to love the trip although they were passing out in the way home. Boat is back on the lift and I'm headed to work. Thank you Jesus for a wonderful life!

Autonomous Cars

Sitting here drinking my first cup of coffee, I'm flipping through flipboard and yahoo news and the self- driving car is all the rage. My question is why? Hey, I love to drive. Maybe when I'm 75 and my wife is too busy to take me to Walmart, I might want it... But heck, I love to drive. 

I can't image any red blooded American man wanting to give up his accelerator pedal. It's one of the things that makes me happy.

Now on the flip side, I've been designing a system for a few years that would make stop lights more efficient. The logic from the auotbot car might just help this - we will see.

You can have my accelerator pedal when you pry it from my cold dead hands.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

🚤 DaBaDee Arrival

The boat arrived yesterday quite unceremoniously. We had arranged for Cycle Springs to deliver it to the house and there were no surprises. Kind of "here's your boat... Bye" with a smile.

The boat was named 🚤 DaBaDee from our youngest son and arrived with a shipping cover. Apparently that cover is great for trail wrong but doesn't breathe well so we yanked it and put it up on a shelf.

The kids got their first climb and exploration trip as we grabbed keys and paperwork, and paired up my iPhone to the system. Then we put the new cover on and watched it rain..

Not much else to do as we wait on the lift to be installed in the back yard. Hope to be on the water this weekend.

Dan Ribar

Sunday, May 17, 2015

🚤 DaBaDee - 2015 Yamaha 242 Limited S

One of the happiest days of a boaters life is yesterday - the day we bought our new boat. After signing all of the paperwork and reviewing a similar boat, we left with cover and anchor in hand to return home and wait for deliver in a few days.

We bought from Cycle Springs in Clearwater, FL, and although an hour from our house, it was a great experience so far.

I had a hard time getting this deal setup because it was tough to get ahold of my salesman, but after visiting the dealership I totally understand. This place is a high energy shop with a LOT going on. 

While we were there (3 hrs), we had Dan's undivided attention and this guy is sharp. He knows his boats and had a lot to offer to get us ready for this 242 limited s. I do appreciate him a lot more than I was expecting.

Anyway, more to come as this chapter unfolds. Thanks to Dan Smith at cycle springs. Great job dude.

Dan Ribar