Sunday, May 17, 2015

🚤 DaBaDee - 2015 Yamaha 242 Limited S

One of the happiest days of a boaters life is yesterday - the day we bought our new boat. After signing all of the paperwork and reviewing a similar boat, we left with cover and anchor in hand to return home and wait for deliver in a few days.

We bought from Cycle Springs in Clearwater, FL, and although an hour from our house, it was a great experience so far.

I had a hard time getting this deal setup because it was tough to get ahold of my salesman, but after visiting the dealership I totally understand. This place is a high energy shop with a LOT going on. 

While we were there (3 hrs), we had Dan's undivided attention and this guy is sharp. He knows his boats and had a lot to offer to get us ready for this 242 limited s. I do appreciate him a lot more than I was expecting.

Anyway, more to come as this chapter unfolds. Thanks to Dan Smith at cycle springs. Great job dude.

Dan Ribar

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