Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Apple Watch - SOLD

Well -- it cost me $100 to understand the technology,  and to see if it fit into my lifestyle.  It didn't.

My wife and I took our kids to Disney this past weekend and decided to go without our Apple watches.  Guess what? We didn't miss them a bit and actually were quite excited to get back to our less-connected timepieces. We both have multiple watches that are probably more fashion statements then anything else,  but we do enjoy wearing them.

Regarding the apple watch,  it's a cool piece of technology but I only care about my number of steps for a short period of time,  and found myself using the iPhone for all of my real work.  You know, why look at your watch to see that you need to really look at your phone?

Sorry -- SOLD.  No reason to have $800 in hardware you're not using.  I'll stick to the phone.

Dan Ribar

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