Monday, December 21, 2015

Be the donkey.

Sometimes God's plan is a bit hard to figure out especially when you work hard for a desired outcome... and ultimately it's not His. It came to me this weekend that unsung quiet heroes... the humble... should be the ones we lift up and aspire to be like.

Think about Jesus's birth and the nativity. The donkey was so instrumental to the entire process. God loves the donkey. Heck, the donkey carried Mary and Jesus to Bethlehem and to his birth place. He never once fell or let Joseph down.  The donkey is the unsung hero of the process.

God loves the donkey.  The donkey was quiet, heads down and a hard worker. He never got any praise except for a pat from Joseph. I bet God has his picture on a wall somewhere in heaven: "Worlds best donkey."

I love the Donkey.

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