Friday, August 12, 2016

Price Match - Just ask the question.

Somehow, I ended up buying two refrigerators in the last six months.  Don't ask me why... but I did.

The first thing I did was to isolate and identify the exact fridge I wanted - in this case it was a pretty popular 4-door unit.  Once I had the product number from the manufacturer, a simple google search identified the lowest price.  It's almost always Amazon.

After a bit of research, I found out that Home Depot will price match online.  So I went to their site, found the right part number / fridge and started a chat session.  I asked for the price match and they gave me the Amazon price of $2,499 but they added in $100 for installation.  Apparently Amazon only delivers it for that price, but doesn't install it.  Still an amazing price. So the $4,199 MSRP fridge came down to $2,698.  Amazing. Done.  All I had to do was ask.

The second purchase was a few months later for the same fridge, but this time I went to Best Buy. They matched the delivered amazon price of $2499.  Amazing.  Here are the details:

MSRP: $4,199
On sale discount: $1,105
Price match discount: $595
Purchased for $2,499

Savings: $1,700

So here's the deal.  I know you know about price matching.  You just need to get your amazon ready (on your iphone / android) and exercise the question:

"Do you price match?"  

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