Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Be the caboose....

I bet your having a hard time in life. Bad luck, right? Bills are piling up, your wife is fighting with you, things are broken and run down around the house? Sound familiar?  I have a solution for you:

Slow down.
Follow the rules.
Be the caboose for once.
Let someone in line ahead of you.
Keep your mouth shut.
Don't flip anyone off.
Stay between the lines.
Get a job.
Work hard.
Leave early and be early.
Say something nice.

If you can just slow down for one week, you'll see a huge improvement in your life. Don't believe me? ... try it.

This morning on the way on to work,  and beat up, run down dump truck was bobbing and weaving like a miata during rush hour traffic in sleepy little Venice, FL.  I happened to be behind him as he crossed the middle double lines and threw dirt up on all the cars behind him (because he didn't have the required equipment on his truck). He cut off a few other cars and ran a right turn red light.  No slowing down or even pretending to stop... just ran it.  I imagine he was either late or just a millennial that doesn't really feel the need to abide by laws.

Dude!  Slow down. Kiss your wife. Hug your kids. Let someone in front of you. Be the caboose.  Your life will improve wonderfully.

It works.

Dan Ribar

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