Thursday, March 8, 2018

Amazon Prime Double Dip

Consider Prime free 2-day shipping...  Cool right? Everyone does it.

My reality, is that most of the Prime shipments start off as UPS, and get delivered using UPS SurePost.  Sure post is described by UPS as: 

UPS SurePost® is an economy service for your non-urgent, residential shipments of low order value. UPS makes the shipment pick-up and the U.S. Postal Service® (USPS®) makes the final delivery

What typically happens is that the USPS drops the ball. Just this week I ordered a new pair of shoes.  Great! I’ll get them in two days.  I mean, I paid extra to get everything in two days, right? So checking the status on Amazon, it says “Cannot deliver package”.   I check the video from the front door and the USPS guy just stuck the note on the door.  There was no requirement for a signature… he just didn’t deliver it.  Now I’m at day 4 and my wife has to go to the post office to retrieve the package.  

So I’m trying to figure out a good resolution to this and learned about a service at UPS that cost $80 per year and forces UPS to deliver the package without SurePost. It got me thinking about what really happened here. Amazon got me to pay my annual prime membership to get 2 day shipping, but I had to pay UPS an extra $80 so that Amazon could actually get it to me in 2 days…. What the?????

1.     Amazon signs a contract with UPS.
2.     UPS thinks they want the contract but can’t afford it.
3.     UPS creates SurePost to reduce the cost of shipping.
4.     UPS charges end users for “good” shipping
5.     End user pays twice.



It just happened again.  We had regular mail delivered; regular UPS delivered and this notice:


Tim H said...

The evils of a monopoly which both Amazon and the USPS are.

Tim H said...

The evils of monopolies which effectively both Amazon and the USPS are. Stay strong my friend.