Thursday, March 21, 2019

Owning a Porsche 911 is frustrating

Owning a Porsche 911 is frustrating. 

After a lifetime of knowing the 911 was the ultimate car for me, I finally got one in 2018.  She was a 2 year old base model with 1500 miles on her. The perfect car. As a backdrop, this car would feed my average of one new (different) car for every year I’ve been driving and possibly complete the “I hope to someday drive a ___” statement. It did.

Here we are, barely six months later and I’m ready to trade her off.  She’s a beautiful car, really the best car I’ve ever owned. I absolutely love her but I drive 12 miles each way to work, every day. In that rural-highway drive, I’m typically stuck behind retired people driving 12-15 mph under the speed limit in both lanes. No where to go.  Arghh….

So take her to the track? Nope. I’m not a track guy.  My wife took me to the Porsche Experience for my birthday and the extreme g-forces almost made me puke. No, not for me. Frustration #1 - I can’t drive my $100k car the way I want. I don’t need to go too fast… just drive unencumbered. Nope… not in a retirement town like Venice, FL. 

The other thing that really bothers me is that my mind tends to want to think that I am actually better than the people driving around me, simply because I’m driving an expensive car.  It’s very possible and probable that I’m a better driver. Sorry, I am a better driver.  God blessed me with the resource to fund the car, and the inmate ability and passion to drive well but my strange character flaw of vehicle elitism is real.  Look at my car, get the hell out of the way… can’t you see how important I am.  Nope. I don’t like that about me.  Frustration #2

My wonderful wife has been on the multi-vehicle journey with me and can confirm that I turn into a bit of an a-hole when I’m driving a Porsche.  Being that this is my third one, it has subsided, but it still exists. Thank you God for this beautiful car… get the hell out of the left lane!!!!

So I’m about to drop off the 911 to her new owner. There once was a dream of retiring with a 911 in the garage... hmmm. I think I'll stick the money in a retirement account and buy a Subaru just to get my sanity back. I’m blessed beyond any dream I had growing up. 

Maybe it’s time to start having lunch in the left lane like the rest of the blue-hairs.

ps — thank you Jesus for all the blessings.    


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